Hate Radio 2023

This month sees the first performances of Hate Radio since 2019. We will be performing in Lugano, Switzerland at LAC on January 13th & 14th and in Lyon at Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse from January 18th until the 21st. I will be operating sound and video, and assisting Jens Baudisch with the technical management for

Buzzing Bridge

I have just returned home from Berlin where I have been working as technical manager and lighting designer for Sounding Situations (SDNG STTNS) at the Elisabethkirche, for their production of Buzzing Bridge. Here is a link to the Elisabethkirche website for more details. Buzzing Bridge is a continuation of the ideas we previously explored in

Diyar Dance Theatre

Last week I worked with the Palestinian company Diyar Dance Theatre at Culturlann in Belfast, as technical manager and lighting designer. We presented a performance called Taken, that was originally created and choreographed by Royston Maldoom in Bethlehem in 2018. In addition the dancers performed a programme of Palestinian dances known as Debkeh in Belfast.

Elephants In Rooms

From the 3rd until the 9th of June Gob Squad will present a new video installation in the foyer of HAU1 in Berlin. For this project I reworked music that I originally composed with Jeff McGrory as Animal Magic. I have also created some additional sound design for the piece. Edits of the musical content


I am currently in Hamburg, creating a new performance called Merge with Sounding Situations at Kampnagel. I’m providing the technical management and lighting design for the show. Merge premieres on Thursday May 26th and runs until May 29th. Here is some background information… In a photograph from 1906, a crowd in southern Rwanda gathers for

Die Glücksformel

This week I am working at Theater Gütersloh, creating a piece of music theatre with 75 children, 6 actors and 3 musicians. The performance is a collaboration between the Liz Mohn Kultur- und Musikstiftung und der Gesellschaft in Bewegung e.V. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to work with my friend and choreographer Andreas

Das stille Leben der verlorenen Dinge

For most of November I’ve been creating the sound design for “Das stille Leben der verlorenen Dinge (The Quiet Living Of Lost Things)”, an installation at the Kunstverein Wagenhalle in Stuttgart. Combining site-specific performance, installation, live radio play and object theatre, it tells the story of a one-armed 15-year-old-girl who embarks on a fantastical journey.

1984 Back To No Future

Since our ‘ghost premiere’ at the Hebbel-Am-Ufer Theater (HAU2) in April this year, we have toured “1984 Back To No Future” to theatres in Copenhagen, Leipzig, Odense and Dresden. Finally, we present this new work to audiences in HAU3, with the actual Berlin premiere this coming Monday November 1st. The show then runs until Saturday

Planet LOL

Last Saturday in Brighton saw the premiere of the new play from Paul Hodson’s The Future Is Unwritten. Planet Lol is a myth for our times: a fast-paced female-led drama about facing up to reality and rewriting your endings. I wrote the music, created the sound & lighting design and managed the technical aspects of the production. This

On The Strandline

Here’s a wonderful trailer for the new Prodigal UPG / Emergent Ensemble production “On The Strandline”. I was commissioned in July to compose the soundtrack for the performance. It was an absolute delight to work on this during the summer months and I’m thrilled with the results!

Creatures Of Stillness

On Monday September 6th there will be a memorial event at HKW in Berlin to celebrate the life of my very good friend Jeff McGrory, who sadly passed away in December of last year. I first met Jeff ten years ago when I began working with Gob Squad, the Berlin-based arts collective. Very soon after,