Das stille Leben der verlorenen Dinge

For most of November I’ve been creating the sound design for “Das stille Leben der verlorenen Dinge (The Quiet Living Of Lost Things)”, an installation at the Kunstverein Wagenhalle in Stuttgart. Combining site-specific performance, installation, live radio play and object theatre, it tells the story of a one-armed 15-year-old-girl who embarks on a fantastical journey. It is a collaboration between international artists Anna Peschke, Uwe Lehr, Antje Töpfer and writer William Connor. As I couldn’t be present in Stuttgart, the Berlin-based sound designer Milena Kipfmüller installed the sound and made on-site adjustments.

The installation opens this Thursday December 2nd and runs until Sunday the 5th. For more information (in German) here is a link to the Kunstverein website.

December 13th 2021 – Update : Here is a link to a review (in German, but you can always use Google Translate!).