The Golden Records Studios

During the summer of 2022 I created the sound design for a series of podcasts called “The Golden Records Studios” for Matthaei & Konsorten. I had previously worked with the company and their director Lukas Matthaei on the Die Sumpfgeborene performance film at the beginning of 2021. The podcasts, which are in German, can now

Landpartie 2023

Next week I will be with Grotest Maru in residency at Schloss Bröllin creating a site-specific version of Schwarm. This will be presented on Saturday September 23rd as part of their Landpartie 2023. Information about the show can be found here on the Grotest Maru website. Photos : Landpartie 2023 Peter van Heesen (c) –

Die magische Kugel

Following on from the success of 2022´s Die Glücksformel, last week I was at Theater Gutersloh, working on a sequel. This year´s show featured 150 children, double the number from last year, and once again was great fun to put together with our wonderful creative team. Added June 21st 2023 : You can watch the

Buzzing Bridge

I have just returned home from Berlin where I have been working as technical manager and lighting designer for Sounding Situations (SDNG STTNS) at the Elisabethkirche, for their production of Buzzing Bridge. Here is a link to the Elisabethkirche website for more details. Buzzing Bridge is a continuation of the ideas we previously explored in


I am currently in Hamburg, creating a new performance called Merge with Sounding Situations at Kampnagel. I’m providing the technical management and lighting design for the show. Merge premieres on Thursday May 26th and runs until May 29th. Here is some background information… In a photograph from 1906, a crowd in southern Rwanda gathers for

Die Glücksformel

This week I am working at Theater Gütersloh, creating a piece of music theatre with 75 children, 6 actors and 3 musicians. The performance is a collaboration between the Liz Mohn Kultur- und Musikstiftung und der Gesellschaft in Bewegung e.V. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to work with my friend and choreographer Andreas

Das stille Leben der verlorenen Dinge

For most of November I’ve been creating the sound design for “Das stille Leben der verlorenen Dinge (The Quiet Living Of Lost Things)”, an installation at the Kunstverein Wagenhalle in Stuttgart. Combining site-specific performance, installation, live radio play and object theatre, it tells the story of a one-armed 15-year-old-girl who embarks on a fantastical journey.

Transforming Transmission

I will be in Hamburg from Monday June 14th for two weeks, helping to develop a new performance “Transforming Transmission” by the company Sounding Situations (SNDNG STTNS). It is part sound-walk, with members of the audience having the role of ‘the orchestra’, & part music concert, with a live link between musicians in Bujumbura, Burundi

Die Sumpfgeborene

I spent much of February 2021 working with Matthaei & Konsorten on the filmed version of the theatre piece “Die Sumpfgeborene”. I designed the lighting and provided technical management for the project. It will receive its world premiere on March 27th through the Sophiensaele website. For those who miss the stream, a trailer for the