Chris Umney

Artist; composer / sound designer; lighting designer for theatre, dance and circus; technical manager for devised theatre; field recordist; independent researcher into ancient mysteries; concert / event organiser; mail art curator; radio presenter and DJ: operating in various fields of art and performance since the 1980’s; born in Cardiff, Wales. Has lived in the UK, Germany, Spain and from time to time nomadically. At present when not at work Chris can be found residing on a hillside in northern Portugal. Enjoys seeking out electronic, experimental and flavourful dance music from all over the world. Currently technical manager / lighting designer for Gob Squad; technical consultant / lighting & sound designer for Residance of the Peter Gläsel Stiftung; lighting & sound designer for Prodigal / UPG and The Future Is Unwritten; and band member of Animal Magic; LuTz and Wevie Stonder. Loves long walks, contemplating the universe and dogs.