archival reworks

Around the time of my birthday in March this year, I decided that I would mark my sixtieth year by releasing six volumes of music before I turn sixty-one in 2024.

Whether I´m at home or traveling, I´m always making music. Some of the resulting sketches are developed for projects that I´m working on but most remain unused. Occasionally I´ll listen through to some, in quite a random way, and much of the time I think, with a little work, they could become something. After much encouragement from Justyna, I´m delighted that I finally set out six months ago to systematically listen through to everything I could find, on many hard drives, old and new, and select my favourites, to rework and release on my Bandcamp.

So here is the first collection, to be officially released on October 26th 2023 – archival reworks vol.1

Subsequent volumes will be released at the end of each month with the sixth and final one appearing on March 26th next year.

The art work for each album will feature a photo that I´ve taken during my travels. The first one was taken in Hong Kong in 2009.