• I will be in Hamburg from Monday June 14th for two weeks, helping to develop a new performance “Transforming Transmission” by the company Sounding Situations (SNDNG STTNS). It is part sound-walk, with members of the audience having the role of ‘the orchestra’, & part music concert, with a live link between musicians in Bujumbura, Burundi and musicians on board the MS Stubnitz in Hamburg dock. Performances are on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of June from 19:00. Further information can be found here (in German).
  • I’m featured on the new album from Kröter released today, May 16th 2021. It was recorded in Berlin at the Oktofon Cabin in April 2018. You can listen / buy it here from their Bandcamp site.
  • In April 2021 Gob Squad premiered a new touring show “1984: Back to No Future” at HAU2 in Berlin. Once again I provided technical management and created the lighting design. Sadly due to the corona situation there was no audience. However this ‘ghost’ premiere and the four subsequent performances that week gave us the opportunity to make the show ready for touring. Corona restrictions permitting, the show will receive it’s actual premiere, with an audience, in Copenhagen at the end of May. Click here for a teaser and here for details about the premiere at CPH Stage 2021.
  • I spent much of February 2021 working with Matthaei & Konsorten on the filmed version of the theatre piece “Die Sumpfgeborene”. I designed the lighting and provided technical management for the project. It will receive its world premiere on March 27th through the Sophiensaele website. For those who miss the stream, a trailer for the film plus a number of scenes can be seen here.
  • On October 2nd 2020 I will release the first album on my new Tzara Music Bandcamp page. You can find a link to it here. Labruja features myself and the Vienna based musician and long time collaborator Richard Harvey under our LuTz moniker. Recorded in northern Portugal in the late summer of 2019 Labruja continues our experiments with long durational loops and improvised accompaniment.
  • From August 1st 2020 for the next two years Skulpturenpark Köln present “Schlupf” by the renowned German artist John Bock. The installation features a composition written by myself and Berlin based musician and sound designer Jeff McGrory. For more details please follow this link.